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Reckon Civil Academy gives you the option to choose the Subjects you want. In PRO feature you can selects any subject or random subjects. It gives you the great advantage over other coaching institute where you are forced to study the entire course.

For example, let’s say you are interested in one Subject “Structural Analysis” (Code SA), and “Fluid Mechanics” (Code FM) then you just select both the subjects and pay for it. Hence as per your convenient and comfort “PRO” gives you option to selects the Subjects.

Sl. NoSubjectsTopicsNo. of Lectures AmountCODE
1Solid MechanicsSimple stress and strain relationships8311500SOM
Simple bending theory, flexural and shear stresses, shear centre; Uniform torsion10
Buckling of column, combined and direct bending stresses.6
Bending moment and shear force in statically determinate beams7
2Structural AnalysisStatically determinate and indeterminate structures by force/ energy methods; Method of superposition16492300SA
Analysis of trusses,3
Arches, beams, cables and frames;3
Displacement methods: Slope deflection and moment distribution methods12
Influence lines4
Stiffness and flexibility methods of structural analysis3
Axial Deformation and Generalise Hooks Law6
3Construction Materials and Management"Construction Materials: Structural steel - composition, material properties and behaviour; Concrete - constituents, mix design,short-term and long-term properties"5201500CMM
Bricks and mortar;2
Timber; Bitumen.2
Types of construction projects; Tendering and construction contracts; Rate analysis and standard specifications; Cost estimation3
Project planning and network analysis - PERT and CPM.8
4Concrete StructuresWorking stress,3201920CS
Limit state and Ultimate load design concepts; Design of beams, slabs, columns; Bond and development length;12
Prestressed concrete; Analysis of beam sections at transfer and service loads.5
5Steel StructuresWorking stress and Limit state design concepts2191350SS
Design of tension3
compression members3
"Connections - simpleand eccentric, beam-column connections"3
Plastic analysis of beams and frames6
plate girders and trusses;2
6Soil MechanicsOrigin of soils, soil structure and fabric; Three-phase system and phase relationships, index properties, Unified and Indian standard soil classification system14432500SM
Permeability - one dimensional flow, Darcy's law "Seepage through soils - two-dimensionaflow, flow nets, uplift pressure, piping; Principle of effective stress, capillarity, seepage force and quicksand condition;"14
Compaction in laboratory and field conditions;3
Onedimensional consolidation, time rate of consolidation;6
Mohr's circle, stress paths, effective and total shear strength parameters, characteristics of clays and sand.6
7Foundation EngineeringEarth pressure theories - Rankine and Coulomb;4221800FE
Stability of slopes - finite and infinite slopes, method of slices and Bishop's method;3
" Stress distribution in soils - Boussinesq's and Westergaard's theories,pressure bulbs; "3
Shallow foundations - Terzaghi's and Meyerhoff's bearing capacity theories, effect of water table; Combined footing and raft foundation; Contact pressure; Settlement analysis in sands and clays7
Deep foundations - types of piles, dynamic and static formulae, load capacity of piles in sands and clays, pile load test, negative skin friction.5
8Engineering MechanicsSystem of forces, free-body diagrams, equilibrium equations; Internal forces in structures;311800EM
Friction and its applications2
Kinematics of point mass and rigid body; Centre of mass2
Euler's equations of motion2
Impulse-momentum; Energy methods; Principles of virtual work.3
9Engineering MathematicsLinear Algebra:5402800EMAT
Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE)7
Partial Differential Equation (PDE)7
Probability and Statistics6
Numerical Methods5
10FLUID MECHANICSPropery of Fluid/Fluid Statics15552700FM
Fluid Kinematics/Fluid Dynamics12
Drag and Lift/ Dimensional Analysis5
Pipe Flow/ Boundary layer theoram8
Open Channel Flow/ TurboMachine15
11HYDROLOGYBasic of Hydrology/PPT5231200HYD
Infilteration/Frquency Analysis6
Flood Routing3
Ground Water Hydrology3
Crop water Requirement5
Design of Stable Channel5
Gravity dam2
Seepage Analysis4
13ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERINGQuality standards,water requirements,surface water treatment, distribution of water.21402700ENV
Sewage and sewerage Treatment13
Air Pollution:3
Noise Pollution:2
Municipal Solid Wastes:1
14HIGHWAY AND RAILWAY ENGINEERINGGeometric design of Railway and Highway15402500HR
Highway materials -8
Pavements Design8
Traffic Engineering:9
15GEOMATICS ENGINEERINGPrinciples of surveying; Linear and Angular Survey8221500SUR
Levelling and trigonometric levelling;6
Traversing , Contour4
Horizontal and vertical curves.2
Photogrammetry, GIS, GPS2
16General Aptitude (GA)Sentence completion, verbal analogies, word groups,instructions, critical reasoning and verbal deduction.20504000GA
Numerical Ability:Numerical computation, numerical estimation, numerical reasoning and data interpretation.30


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